edison portrait

Thomas Edison

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gagarin portrait

Yuri Gagarin

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haytham portrait

Ibn Al Haytham

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pennsylvania mutiny

Pennsylvania Mutiny

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Pennsylvania Mutiny

The Pennsylvania Mutiny was an anti-government protest in the US in 1783 by nearly 400 soldiers demanding payment. The mutiny ultimately resulted in congress vacating Philadelphia and the creation of a federal district to serve as the national capital.

Stage 4 in progress

  • BlockChain Deployment

    The Bazaars blockchain will be deployed as a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol, allowing BZR tokens to be sent and received easily, quickly and securely at all times. It will also ensure secure deployment of smart contracts on the Bazaars blockchain.

  • Community Governance

    Bazaars is controlled by its token holders. They will decide how the Bazaars network develops. Token holders will receive a percentage of BZR network fees.

  • Explorer

    The Bazaars explorer (BZRscan) is software that uses APIs and blockchain nodes that enables users to explore blocks, transactions, provide pools, metadata, certificates, digital assets, data on transactions, smart contracts, addresses and arranges data in a searchable format.

  • Dapps

    All apps created will allow users to switch between centralized and decentralized versions. Light mode / Dark mode.

  • Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps

    BZR atomic cross-chain swap allows multiple assets to be exchanged across multiple blockchains.

  • Exchange

    BZR (ERC20 blockchain) assets can be swapped with BZR (BZR blockchain) assets.