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Bazaars, making

Cryptocommerce easy.

At Bazaars, we are helping to build Web 3.0 by making cryptocommerce easy and accessible to all.
Started in 2022, Bazaars has focused on making it easy to buy and sell items, cars, and properties using crypto.

Bazaars has an experienced team with a
proven ability to deliver

Over 2.5 centuries of combined experience in
ecommerce, mobile payments, finance, compliance, and logistics.



Founder & CEO | Product & Operations

Raja Al-Khatib

Founder & Chairwoman Governance | Strategy & Business Development

Amir Sarhangi

Key Advisor

Shawn Vader

Technology Advisor

Alex davies

Compliance Advisor


Bazaars was initially funded by private investors who believed in the vision of bringing commerce to underserved communities.